amai. B| touch..

shota is sad



     it’d be a lie to say that he was not surprised by this,
       not even a creature like him was able of regenerating
       so quickly — though, in his case. he just couldn’t. thus
       he had to take care of his vessel in any fight he’d start
       if there even was a danger on getting hurt. but this one
       —- he could bite all over his arm and it would still heal
       at the same speed.

       a lot of ideas swirled across his mind, pondering which
       one should he pick in order to see if there was more to
       be discovered about the albino. although, thoughts had
       had to be limited right before any ideas of disembowelment
       and severed limbs, for those could not possibly be healed
       like this - and should they be able to do so then they would
       be considered as an otherworldly creature. nothing like
       that could’ve been created in assiah  .  .  .

                       ——but he wouldn’t know unless he tried.

       yet, the track train of thoughts were interrupted by a sudden
       contact, optics sliding to the corner to eye that hand placed
       in his shoulder. he guessed that, with the poor strength the
       other ( and any human ) owned in comparison to him, they
       would be trying to make him stop. in spite of that, he still
       bites again next to the previous one, leaving thin red lines
       as wounds for fangs were dragged downwards this time.

       he lets the blood pour, tongue wiping blood-soaked teeth
       clean as it brushes against bared fangs. just then he speaks.

                ’ what are you doing. ‘

     his mind seemed to be getting blanker and blanker
     by the second. in order to keep himself focused, he
     watched the small animal as he looked at them with
     little interest, they were pretty similar now, were they
     not? anyway, it was just means to keep himself in 
     touch with the reality. his lips moved and uttered the
     other’s name without actually making any sound.

               " ah —- ? "

  it seemed as though in his little daze, he didn’t have
     time to process what he had been watching. his eyes
     wondered back to the hand he had on placed on the
     clothed shoulder, and his eyes widened slightly. truly,
     why had he done that? —- was it to make himself feel
     better, or maybe was it to make sure that this was not
     a dream? not quite; instead he wanted to get a feel 
     of his own, a little taste of what amaimon was like.

               " i was just —- a little fascinated by you. "

all of his body, besides his arm, was twitching under 
     the bites amaimon was leaving on his arm. his skin 
     was akin to snow, nearly a pure kind of white with a 
     tint of pink; in contrast, the crimson liquid brought a
     certain charm, or so he saw it. his skin was scarless, but
     like this, right now, he wished that the other could 
     leave permanent marks on his kin. 

     his breath was regular but loud; his mouth parted and
     chest heaving up and down. he wanted to know why 
amaimon didn’t seem to get any entertainment from 
     doing this —— so then why is was he doing that? maybe
     he was just entirely desperate to have someone want him.



     all of his movements and reaction to his words
        were ignored, frame of mind staying as dull as
        always - eyes wandered, and he just expected
        to wait for their moment to be over.

        whatever there was to be excited for, that he was
        clueless of.

        nonetheless, attention soon was hooked upon
        their frame again. aureolip optics fix over their
        hand, right where he was sure to have bitten and
        thus left a mark of his fangs in it. this could
        only add to one of the several things he kept
        finding striking about this creature by the second.
        hence why he wants them to stay, only to know
        how far he can push this until there’s nothing
        new left to see.

        next thing to be seen is their hand in his again,
        being stared at with eventual blinks, curiosity
        teems, indeed, and he craves for answers that
        he, for a fact, knew that he wouldn’t get ———
        from them, at least.

        though, knowing how this kid couldn’t be human,
        he had an idea of what could’ve happened. still,
        he had to make sure he was right.

        he extends their arm, and bites on their forearm
        skin, fangs nailing into to leave blood dripping
        from them once he withdraws his mouth and
        stares at that spot - waiting to see what would

     curious eyes looked over at amaimon as he was utterly
     uninterested in regard to what he was doing. it was a
     little bit lonely, but not enough to make him feel sad. 
     he wondered briefly who amaimon was, where were 
     they —- why did he decided to keep him? but, he then
     figured the he didn’t want to know since he finally had 
     a host of sorts. 

     the man’s steps had a distinct sound on the floor, he 
     reckoned. it was as if he was floating while walking ,
     some sort of strange thing that the younger couldn’t 
     really explain. once again, amaimon was close to him,
     kneeling down in front of him. when he pulled on his
     arm, he didn’t even try to resist and once again, let
     his muscles relax underneath the touch of the other’s
     fangs. this time, he didn’t lick away the blood, just 
     immediately pulled off to apparently stare at it. in
     no more than 30 seconds, the wound was closed, only
     leaving the blood running down his arms. 

     he was looking at amaimon’s hand as it was wrapped 
     around his wrist. his grip was firm, making the blood
     stop running properly now and then, creating an odd
     kind of tingly feeling in the younger’s palm. a strange
     thought crossed his mind in that moment. like this, with
     him all defenseless, this man could easily make the frail 
     bones in his wrists crack. as he was watching golden hues
     analyze his very flesh in a bored manner, his heart began
     thumping faster. he read in a book once — like this, in this 
     one very moment, he could be pleased or killed. 

     a shy hand raised to a clothed shoulder. his hand put a mere
     amount of pressure on amaimon’s shoulder, he couldn’t tell 
     whether it would pique his attention in any way. a shiver ran
     down his spine for no apparent reason and for that one reason, 
     his back arched the slightest bit. the feeling of that clothing 
     underneath his fingertips was alluring, for some reasons.



     as his kin was mildly interested in sugary
        food and had a preference over organs and
        meat, it merely sniffs the kid’s face before
        showing a clear lack of interest. well—-

        not as if he had expected anything more,
        but the link between master and familiar
        was as strong as that one of a human family,
        —- perhaps stronger, seeing how humans
        treated each other —- and anything that was 
        to be added in amaimon’s surrounded had to
        be accepted and acknowledged by behemoth
        as well.

        the smaller demon is placed on the ground,
        to let it sit besides him as he picks up its
        chain, wrapping its rusty connections of
        metal around a gloved wrist.

                   ’ you’re staying. ‘

        that —- wasn’t really thought out of from him, 
        since he didn’t have a place to stay nor was he
        going to get one to let this kid stay whenever 
        he’d go on his killing sprees - though as 
        nonchalant as he was he’d let them come with 
        him without even telling them what he was 
        planning to do.

                     oh well.

     his head tilted to the side as he tried to scan over
     the smaller creature that amaimon was holding. in
     a fairly strange way, it  was —- cute, it didn’t seem as
     though he had any interest in him though, rather, 
     he was pretty bored. he wasn’t given enough of a 
     chance to study it, however, because the man put
     his pet down. 

     he doesn’t have much of chance to be upset about
     anything because he hears a simple sentence, one
     that he had been waiting to hear his entire life. for
     once, someone actually said that he was allowed to
     stay. the smaller couldn’t believe his ears.

     his eyes began glowing once again as heat once 
     again arose towards his cheeks. he stumbled to get
     back onto his feet, and he was ready to run towards
     his benefactor, he even made a couple of steps in 
     amaimon’s direction before he realized that maybe
     he shouldn’t be doing this. his gaze lowered to the
     place where he had been bitten just before, and
     his fingers grazed the place despite the fact that
     there was no visible scar on there. 

     he didn’t thank, he knew. he just raised his head
     and showed off a smile, then turned around and
     sat back down where he had been dropped just
     before. he was playing with his fingers, focusing
     on them with a distant smile playing on his lips
     merely because, for the first time, he was happy.